My name is Kirsten and Pipinoche is my animal practice which I am committed to with my whole heart and soul.

From Trauma to Trust

My passion lies with animals who have had a rough life. Therefore I am specialized in working with animals with a traumatic background due to neglect, mistreatment or other misfortunate circumstances. Reducing fear, increasing trust and self-esteem for the animal are key in my practice.

It is my dream that every animal is treated with mindful regard.
Working with stray animals in Nepal and treating their mental and physical traumas have been extremely valuable to me.

When an animal experiences balance, he is able to live his life freely, joyfully and with a feeling of safety and comfort. His traumatic past will only be a vague memory, because his enjoyment of life lies in this moment, in the now.

Mindful regard

Every animal deserves and has the right to be treated with a mindful regard.
In this way respect is shown for the being which he is.
Animals are our teachers and they help us grow spiritually, emotionally and mentally.

Through knowledge and consciousness you can assure a healthy life for you animal

Through YOUR peace of mind you can reset troubling behavior of your animal. Free your animal from stress, anxiety, sadness or any other mentally disturbance by being aware of your own state of being.

Your inner peace is your pets inner peace.

Messages from or for your animal.

Healing for animal and owner.

In this consultation your animals wellbeing is being examined on emotional, spiritual, energetical and physical level.

A step-by-step-tutorial how to treat your animal in emergency situation.

Learn how to understand your animal and how to receive and give messages to animals.


About me

My name is Kirsten van der Linden and I started Pipinoche by really listening to my heart and knowing where my passion lies. This was an easy thing to do. Animals and healing always meant the world to me. In 2009 I decided to mold my passion for animals into a profession. Therefore I have studied for five years natural therapies for animals, with specialization in homeopathy.
After getting my degree and finally just go do this, I have experienced so many beautiful healing processes of animals which still astound me. There where there was no more hope, hope was found into the natural methods. For example my own guiny pig Lotus have lived a long and healthy life in spite of all the health problems he was showing. With the support of natural therapies and healing energy he has lived years more then was to be expected. Lotus helped me to really see the incredible possibilities with natural therapies. He still encourages me to help as many other animals as I can.
Before I committed my life to the wellbeing of animals I have worked for 17 years in mental health and social therapies. With Pipinoche I guide your animals health, but I also guide you, the pet owner, in the relationship with your animal. During this guidance I will form a bridge between you and your animal and make you understand what your animal is reflecting to you. I teach you how you can influence the state of being of your animal by adjusting your own state of being.

For fifteen years I have been working as a social therapist with people who have a disability.¬†Other therapies I work with are aroma-therapy, herbal-therapy, bach-flower remedies, Schussler celsalts and different massage techniques. A very important element in my work are the energetic ways to do healing. I have been trained into using shamanism. I know how to recognize different energies. The shamanistic mantra’s I use to heal, to purify, to get rid of negative energy and empower the positive, healthy and constructive energy.
To sharpen and specialize my ability to work with energy I have received initiations into healing work with Angels and Seraphim. My energetic- healing work has a high level of love and purity. Whether the animal has suffered for a short term or longterm period of trauma, fear, lack of confidence or any other form of distress or tension, it is always a wonderful experience. Distress is diminished and a great feeling of relieve takes over. An immediate feeling of healing, letting go and safety is manifested. It is a beautiful gift for any animal.

Hi everybody, My name is Juul and I a the sweetest dog. I really had a hard time being alone. When my owner would leave I started crying and felt awful! Together with my owner I went to the vet, but they didn't know what to do. Then we met Kirsten from Pipinoche. She took all the time to figure out why I felt this way and what I needed to make me feel better. Kirsten also helped me with replacing the painkillers of the vet by natural painkillers. After being treated with the homeopathic remedy I directly felt better. I felt more secure and my owner could leave the house without me feeling alone and started crying. Thank you so much Kirsten for all your help. Woof!
Dog Juul
Dog from Holland
Miauw! Hi there. My name is Minneke and I would like to share my experience with Pipinoche. One day I felt very sick and I was running a high fever. I was rushed to the vet and the diagnoses was kidney insufficiency. The vet helped me the best he could, but my owner really wanted me to have the best natural solution. We were also curious about the reason for my illness. First we did an Angel reading. In this reading I was able to tell my owner about my feelings. Agnes, my owner was so happy with these messages that she decided she wanted Kirsten to help me feeling better. And she did. With the help of Kirsten I was able to quit the allopathic medicine. The natural medicines helped me to become strong again. At one point I knew I didn't need any medication anymore. Fortunately Kirsten and Agnes understood this and followed my decision in wisdom. As we speak I am a vivid, lively, playful cat and I love to connect to people and cuddle with my owner. I even help Agnes to understand how animal communication works. I feel so grateful. It feels like a second chance to life and also knowing what my calling is. And that is to guide my sweet owner Agnes to become her version to be her strongest self.
Cat Minneke
Cat from Holland
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