About me

My name is Kirsten van der Linden and I started Pipinoche by really listening to my heart and knowing where my passion lies. This was an easy thing to do. Animals and healing always meant the world to me. In 2009 I decided to mold my passion for animals into a profession. Therefore I have studied for five years natural therapies for animals, with specialization in homeopathy.
After getting my degree and finally just go do this, I have experienced so many beautiful healing processes of animals which still astound me. There where there was no more hope, hope was found into the natural methods. For example my own guiny pig Lotus have lived a long and healthy life in spite of all the health problems he was showing. With the support of natural therapies and healing energy he has lived years more then was to be expected. Lotus helped me to really see the incredible possibilities with natural therapies. He still encourages me to help as many other animals as I can.
Before I committed my life to the wellbeing of animals I have worked for 17 years in mental health and social therapies. With Pipinoche I guide your animals health, but I also guide you, the pet owner, in the relationship with your animal. During this guidance I will form a bridge between you and your animal and make you understand what your animal is reflecting to you. I teach you how you can influence the state of being of your animal by adjusting your own state of being.

For fifteen years I have been working as a social therapist with people who have a disability. Other therapies I work with are aroma-therapy, herbal-therapy, bach-flower remedies, Schussler celsalts and different massage techniques. A very important element in my work are the energetic ways to do healing. I have been trained into using shamanism. I know how to recognize different energies. The shamanistic mantra’s I use to heal, to purify, to get rid of negative energy and empower the positive, healthy and constructive energy.

To sharpen and specialize my ability to work with energy I have received initiations into healing work with Angels and Seraphim. My energetic- healing work has a high level of love and purity. Whether the animal has suffered for a short term or longterm period of trauma, fear, lack of confidence or any other form of distress or tension, it is always a wonderful experience. Distress is diminished and a great feeling of relieve takes over. An immediate feeling of healing, letting go and safety is manifested. It is a beautiful gift for any animal.

True healing

is alignment with the now

So, who is Pipinoche?

Pipinoche is the name of one of my sweet cats. Pipinoche has inspired me to follow my dreams, to live my passion and to start my business. So why not name my beautiful business after this beautiful creature? Also my animals help during healing sessions. They all have their very, special important task. Pipinoche is responsable for shining her light where there is shadow. She also confirms the pain areas, the place where healing is needed with clients. She is very keen on things to be out there, to speak freely. Her sensitiveness lies where the voice is. She encourages you to speak about and recognize what is troubling you. She transforms darkness into light. One of the ways she does this is through making jokes. According to her laughing is a very important instrument to set things free.


Then I also have my other love, who mirrors me with her sensitivity, her kindness, but also her loyalty. Lila helps with healing by shining her big, loving heart and make soft where it is hardened. Nobody can escape her sweet energy. When she connects with you, a warm blanket is put where the pain, the trauma is felt. Lilau2019s energy is very subtle and of a very high frequency. Lila can heal fright and anger. She connects with animals including humans and starts helping to heal.

Little Puk

She is still very young, but she has so much power inside of her. She has very special qualities. She knows exactly the physical location where healing is needed. An other extremely beautiful quality she has, is to bring the masculine and the feminine energy together in harmony. This means where the trauma is felt she spreads the feminine grace, but also implements the masculine force of manifesting and creating. She helps to create a beautiful new space where previously pain, anxiety, fear, unworthyness, lack of confidence is felt.

Then there is Lotus

Lotus is a guiny pig and already deceiced, but in spirit very active. His has been my friend on the earth for six years. He has a big, loving heart and a lot of understanding. His qualities are compassion, love and kindness. He is a real leader. During healing sessions he gives messages which way to go and where attention is needed. His main quality is to stay grounded when also being connected with the spiritual. Healing trauma through a powerful connection with the earth is manifested.

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