The definition of health by Pipinoche is:

The individual soul is balanced in its emotional, physical, spiritual and energetic state of being.

And living its highest potential.

You can book the following services at Pipinoche


Angel Reading

An Angel reading concerning messages from your animal for you, but also messages from the angels for your animal. €50,-


Energetic Healing

An energetic healing for animal and owner*. €50,-


Emergency Tutorial

A step-by-step-tutorial how to treat your animal in emergency situations. € 125,-


Angel Holistic Consultation

In this consultation your animals wellbeing is being examined on emotional, spiritual, energetical and physical level. Also messages from your animal in reflection to its owner will be revealed. The consultation takes place through Skype or other digital device. Homeopathic remedy is included and delivered at your home (for the Netherlands). €100,-. 

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Holistic Consultation

This consultation beholds the same steps as the "Angel Holistic Consultation" except for the messages and mirroring qualities between animal and owner. €75,-


Animal Communication

This is a course containing a five time personal coaching through Skype. Each session takes about 60 minutes. During this course you learn how to understand your animal and how to receive and give messages to animals. More information about the rate will be given in further personal consultation.

* Presentation on any subject related to natural healing methods in relation to the animals health and wellbeing is possible. Rate will be determined in further personal consultation.

The Consultation

Let's meet

When possible I will meet you at your home where your animal feels most comfortable. Unnecessary distress of bringing your pet to a location is avoided. If a visit to your home is not an option I will meet you on Skype and ask for pictures of your friend to get to know his energy.

Who is your pet

To reach cure and healing for your pet the most important part of the treatment is to get to know your best friend! What is his personality, what are his traits, what does he love most to do etc.

The diagnoses

After getting to know your pet and also having a clear view on your relationship with your pet, I will be able to form a diagnoses. The diagnoses will be translated into a treatment plan.

Reaching wellbeing

By following the treatmentplan wellbeing for your pet will be accomplished. It is my aim to reach the highest quality of life for your best friend. After some amount of time specified in the treatment plan, a follow up will be held to see how much progress there has been made.

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