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This category concerns all my sweet friends who are unfortunately being forced to live on the streets. I have so much respect for these animals. Nobody knows how much they have seen or what they have endured. They are the voiceless, but they need and yearned to be heard! That’s where I come in. When I am in Nepal I aim my focus on these lovely beings. It can be all kinds of animals, like dogs, cats, chickens, but also the male calves who are left out on the streets, because they are found to be ‘useless’. To give them a voice I reach out to them, I watch them where nobody looks, I truly see them. I kneel down next to them and take the time and the effort to look into their beautiful eyes and I read their story. The story nobody seems to bother to listen to. Of course I am not referring to the people who love animals like I do and are helping in their own ways.

When listening to their story I make use of my skill of animal communication which gives me the opportunity to really interact with animals. When interacting I get a feel of their story, of their emotions and of their never ending wisdom. How much we can learn from them… Starting with devotion, being able to survive, accepting what life throws at you, always ready to give a human being a second chance, loyalty, always ready to open up their hearts again and to love… Wow, how much we can learn from them.

My work in Nepal contains the medical treatments of animals in a natural way, where my education for natural therapies comes in. It also concerns to provide safely for animals. Because how unsafe is it to live on the streets?? But not only are these circumstances unsafe for my furry friends, but also for the people. Road accidents endanger them both. So next to being heard they also need to be seen to provide safety.

There are five kinds of minimal freedoms an animal has the right to. Those are

1. Free from thirst, hunger and unfit food

By giving fresh water and foods in order to stay healthy.

2. Free from discomfort

By providing fit housing and peace and quiet.

3. Free from pain, injuries and diseases

By prevention or otherwise quick diagnoses and fit treatments.

Free from fear and chronical distress

By providing circumstances which prevent stressful outcome.

5. Free to be able to show natural behavior

By providing enough space, possibilities and company of equal species.

In my work I will look out for these minimal freedoms as much as I possibly can.

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