About us

My Journey

I have always had an interest and curiosity for healing the human body from disease and illness naturally. As a very young child my mother would have me lay hands on her and told me that the therapeutic touch of my hands were healing to her.

Sounds kind of silly but it makes sense now. My mother would share books with me about spiritual practices, hypnosis, meditation, and energy work. Brushing it off in my younger years those little seeds had been planted and would one day blossom.

After high school, I attended WKU and was headed down the mainstream conventional medicine route of becoming a registered nurse with the intent to help and serve people in need. I quickly found that this way of thinking was not for me. Achieving the Deans List my last semester at WKU I made my decision to move across the United States and study bodywork and holistic therapies.

Attending the Denver School of Massage Therapy was eye opening. I learned that massage therapy and the natural approach to the body and healing practices was a way of life. It was a life practice. This carried over and grew into many other certifications in orthopedic massage, myoskeletal alignment, thai massage, sports massage, sound/vibrational healing and yoga. Everyone uses different methods and tools for healing. Here are some of my favorites.

Tibetan singing bowls and gongs, essential oils, deep tissue massage with medi-cupping, reflexology, prenatal massage, yoga, and a relaxing long stroke full body massage also known as Swedish

Van onschuld naar geïntegreerde wijsheid.

Waarom doet je dier wat het doet? Je kunt zeggen dat het gewoon gedrag is. Vanuit de ethologie kun je het gedrag van een dier wijten aan diersoort specifieke eigenschappen of evolutie. In de coaching gaan we ervan uit dat jouw dier je spiegelt.

Our Mission

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Meet Our Instructors

Pharann Hoffman


Nandini Holland

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Trevor Dylan Edwards

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