Shiro en Wooli (Brown, Khaire)

24 Jul, 2021 | ervaringen

“Kirsten was like a mother, like a big sister to the animals in the streets of Pokhara (Nepal). Whether it was 2018 or 2017, as always, the two children (dogs) came in my house. They were suffering from very severe skin problems.”

Wooli had severe inflammation around the eyes and mouth, Shiro lost a lot of hair on her back and side. The medicine Kirsten gave was really good to them. Thanks to her, their skins improved and the suffering ended. They found relief in their cure.

In addition, Kirsten also gave a lot of information, knowledge, and advice to help dog-children with their usual skin diseases or other physical problems.

After meeting Kirsten, Wooli and Shiro, who had suffered from skin diseases, met with good owners and stopped worrying about where to eat and where to stay.

Wooli lives in the neighborhood and passes through this place once or twice a day to come in and play,

Shiro delivered lovely puppies twice after the skin disease had healed, and this spring, she received surgery for spaying by street animal rescue. Now so she no longer has to have a hard time raising babies.

It’s not just those kids.
I believe that Khaire and Brown, who were pretty and patted whenever Kirsten met on the street, will remember the time of the year when they met Kirsten.

I also want to tell my friend Kirsten the feeling of the moment when I was happy to find Khaire in the gallery on the homepage,

Thank you Kirsten.



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