Mirjam & kater Pip 2

Mirjam & kater Pip 2

Nadat Pip en ik jaren achtereen hebben lopen tobben met zijn blaasproblemen en de dierenarts met alle goede bedoelingen niets anders meer wist te doen dan pijnstillers en ontstekingsremmers geven, besloot ik twee maanden geleden om het op een andere manier aan te...

Agnes en Minneke, de poes

Agnes en Minneke, de poes

Lees over de ervaring van Mariëtte en Skye “Terwijl ik Kirsten aan de telefoon had, tilde Skye haar koppie op en leek te zeggen dat ze het toch nog wel wilde proberen.” “Thanks to Kirsten, their skins improved and the suffering ended. They found relief in their cure.”...

Monique en poes Minou

Monique en poes Minou

"Al een aantal jaren ondersteunt Kirsten mijn katten als er iets niet helemaal lekker gaat." Haar manier van werken vind ik fantastisch; professioneel, maar vooral heel liefdevol, betrokken en in verbinding met zowel mijn katten als mij. Lieve Kirsten, voor mij geen...

Chris en haar hond Juultje

Chris en haar hond Juultje

“Kirsten is zéér deskundig en betrokken en neemt alle tijd en aandacht wat nodig is om Juul hierbij te helpen.” — Chris verder lezen » Door omstandigheden had mijn hond Juul moeite om alleen thuis te zijn. ... en dat uitte ze door te gaan janken, en treurend te gaan...

Jolanda en haar lieve poezenmeisje Keira

Jolanda en haar lieve poezenmeisje Keira

Lees over de ervaring van Mariëtte en Skye “Terwijl ik Kirsten aan de telefoon had, tilde Skye haar koppie op en leek te zeggen dat ze het toch nog wel wilde proberen.”“Dankjewel Kirsten, dat je ons altijd weer de weg naar huis weet te wijzen. Daar waar we samen zijn...

Poes Mala, met Bas en Floortje

“Kirsten sprak onze innerlijke wijsheid en rust aan. Daar plukken we de vruchten van.” — Poes Mala verder lezen » Hoi, ik ben poes Mala! Ik woon samen met Bas en Floortje, en sinds kort ook met baby Siebe. Floortje maakte zich tijdens haar zwangerschap zorgen over hoe...

Test post

In this segment on why the ego is not the enemy, you will learn:

  • Why the ego is not the bad guy
  • How the ego protects us
  • How to heal the wounded ego
  • What happens when you get the ego and the soul on the same page
  • and more….

A polarized view of the ego vs. the soul

There are a plethora of memes out there such as the one on the right that tells us that the ego is the opposite of the soul, but that is a very polarized view of these two aspects of the self. It finds its origins in dualistic thinking, which is created through the separation of the ego from the soul.

While it purports to be a higher spiritual perspective, it’s in reality still looking at the subject through the lens of separation (the ego lens). You could actually say that very simplistically interpreted this comparison (which in itself is an ego action) says ego is bad and soul is good.

As soon as we are seeing the world through the dualistic lens of ‘good’ and ‘bad’, we are not perceiving our reality from the soul’s perspective. Instead, we are perceiving life from the ego’s perspective. Only within the paradigm of separation are there two opposing forces, on a soul level all is one – duality does not exist on a soul level. Only unity exists on a soul level, which is the antithesis of separation.

This is often a mind-bender for people because we are so used to living in duality, that we think that it is the only true reality. When in fact, the whole idea of separation is an illusion, or Māyā as it is called in ancient Indian philosophy.

Māyā connotes that which “is constantly changing and thus is spiritually unreal” (in opposition to an unchanging Absolute, or Brahman), and therefore “conceals the true character of spiritual reality”. Source: Wikipedia

Unity and Oneness are the only REAL reality on a spiritual level, separation and the dualistic perception it creates are an illusion.

But that doesn’t mean that this illusion doesn’t serve a higher purpose…..
Because it does, otherwise we wouldn’t be experiencing it.

Why the ego is not bad or evil

To fully understand this we first need to go back to why we are here, which also often requires deprogramming a lot of religious indoctrination no matter which faith you were raised in, even if you were not raised within a faith at all. This is because not only are we dealing with religious indoctrination from this lifetime, you are also carrying religious imprints from previous lifetimes and your ancestral lineages on both your maternal and paternal side (even if you were adopted) passed on through your DNA.

Both old religions, as well as New Age religions, are based on the idea that we have somehow fallen from grace or even consciousness. This is incorrect.

It has always been meant to be this way, we are not living a mistake. Nor has our human evolution been altered by the dark forces or has it been impeded upon by intruder alien races…

As souls, we have chosen this evolutionary path to grow from unconscious Oneness with the Divine by default to conscious Oneness with the Divine of our own free will. The only way to do this was to create the incarnation game, where we could experience the truth of who we truly are by living the illusion of separation.

We created the ego, in order to be able to play the incarnation game because without the ego we could have never lowered our vibrational frequency enough in order to densify our energy into physical form.

Read more about the creation of the ego in this teaching on the Incarnation Wound.

But if we were already ONE with the Divine and all that is, why did we have to leave this perfect state many people often ask? Well, it actually wasn’t a completely perfect state. Because we were like little galactic soul babies in unconscious Oneness with the Divine by default, simply because there is no other flavor out there.

Unity and Oneness are our natural state of being, but just like you cannot stay a human baby for the rest of your life if you want to truly experience the truth of who you are – as souls we couldn’t experience the truth of who we are on a soul level without the experience of separation. The challenge for growth and maturation.

The ego facilitates the illusion of being separated from Source, God, the Universe, the Divine – however you choose to call our Creator. So that we can fully understand the powerful being that we are on a soul level and then choose to merge back with the Divine of our own free will.

None of this journey would be possible without the ego who creates the illusion of separation, but it is we that created the ego within ourselves on a soul level in order to be able to play the incarnation game. This makes the ego a temporary aspect that facilitates our soul’s journey from unconscious Oneness by default to conscious Oneness by choice (free will) while playing the incarnation game.

This makes the ego our ally and not our enemy.

How the ego protects us

Because we believe to be on our own and living in the illusion of being separated from the Divine, the ego has taken on the role of protector. It’s looking out for numero uno, while we live our lives in the illusionary realm of Māyā. This allows us to feel protected, provided for, and cared for while we are living within the illusion of separation within the game of life.

The ego is our bodyguard and protector, doing everything it possibly knows how to keep us safe…..

The ‘problem’ seems to be that the ego is doing so from a place of wounding.

Our ego is created anew each lifetime, but it is created from the already existing wounding that we bring in from previous timelines. These previous timelines are the sum of all accumulated unhealed wounding from past incarnations of the soul as well as wounding we volunteered to take on from our ancestral lineages (Read this teaching here on Ancestral wounding).

This past wounding that we bring in from previous timelines sets the stage for the childhood wounding that will help us play out this wounding throughout this lifetime so that we can heal it this time around.

You may wonder how all of this can actually be a good thing?

Imagine what life would be like if we would only accumulate wounding and never have an opportunity to heal it? The world would appear to be even more insane than it is today. We would all simply become heavier and heavier with the burden of our wounds till the point that we couldn’t bear it anymore and we would either take it out on others or take it out on ourselves. Our lives would be a literal living hell that only got worse the longer we played the incarnation game.

Just like the physical body is always working towards healing itself, our subconscious mind – our psyche is hardwired for healing as well. Thank God.

This is how that works:

We recreate the wounded ego each life anew to ensure that we cannot bypass our healing process. Because the ego is created from our past timeline wounding, it ensures that we vibrationally attract in this life the people, situations, and experiences needed to heal our unresolved past that we may have been working on throughout multiple incarnations.

It’s like our unresolved wounding is mixed into the batter, so it’s baked in at birth.

The reason this process already starts in our childhood is that this is where we develop and form our ego, as the ego is a mortal aspect of us that dies at the end of each lifetime and that is created anew at the beginning of each new lifetime. You could say that our childhood traumas are the hardcoding of the unresolved pain and trauma that we brought in from previous lifetimes or through our ancestry.

Before we carried the unresolved pain and trauma energetically, but we had not yet re-experienced it physically. Which would be the equivalent of making it our ‘own’ so to speak and therefore more relevant and urgent to heal.

The experienced childhood trauma does not have to have been physical, to imprint physically. Mental and emotional trauma changes our physiology as well. Childhood trauma is in a sense what the incarnation wound trauma is on a soul level, it creates the perception filters through which we view life as well as our coping-, survival- and defense mechanisms that the ego uses to keep us safe.

That being said we should always protect and shield children from abusive and traumatizing behavior, such spiritual explanations can never become and excuse to condone childhood abuse because we all know that hurting children (or adults) is not good for them. There is no reality where you can twist traumatizing children into something that will somehow help them as an excuse to hurt them.

I want to be really clear about this, never ever turn a blind eye to child abuse because you think that “this is what a child needs on a spiritual level” because that is bullshit. If you are alerted to child abuse in any way, it is your moral obligation to help this child. There’s a reason why people can be held complicit in crimes they themselves didn’t commit but didn’t stop from happening or report when they were in the position to do so and it’s because you are also complicit on a karmic level when you allow people to hurt others on your watch.

Healing the wounded ego

The ego is in essence the fall guy that carries the accumulated wounding for us, while we the soul remains unscathed. This is because the ego is our gaming avatar so to speak through which we play the incarnation game. The soul who is the actual gamer remains untouched because it exists outside of the game.

The soul is playing the game, just as any gamer is playing a video game but the soul is not the person existing within the game. Only the gaming avatar within the game is the one getting beat up, falls off a cliff, etc. When this happens the person playing the game has no broken bones, no bruises, whatsoever. Whatever happens within the game, only happens in the game and does not harm the player playing the game.

This brings us back to the idea of our true spiritual reality and the holographic reality that only exists within the game (Māyā), our ego only exists as the gaming avatar inside the game.
Outside of the game, separation doesn’t exist, and so there can also not be a separated aspect of the self. We only created it to be able to play the incarnation game.

This brings us to our etheric bodies and especially the causal body where our sense of separateness is stored (ahamkara in Sanskrit). When we die the causal body follows us from lifetime to lifetime carrying our karmic records with it. This is how our accumulated wounding is brought with us into each new lifetime because it is stored as part of our karmic load.

Our new gaming avatar is created each lifetime anew according to the karmic records that become the blueprint for possible deformities, our level of intelligence, our outer appearance as well as mental and emotional tendencies.

To understand this, one has to understand what karma truly is (You can also read this teaching on Karma here). Karma is not simply a tally of good or bad deeds, it’s the collection of the misinterpretations of our experience from our state of separation. It is in part the trauma filter through which we perceive life and respond to it, that creates our karmic load.

In other words, our unresolved pain and trauma is part of our karmic load. When we heal this, we heal the separation between the wounded ego and the soul which simultaneously empties out the karmic imprint that is held within the causal body.

When we started the incarnation game, we created our gaming avatar in our likeness according to our own Divine blueprint. However, through the incarnation game and the accumulation of unresolved pain and trauma that we were not able to heal in that moment, our original Divine blueprint became distorted. Each trauma, that was left unresolved created a small or big alteration within our original blueprint.

All those distortions are imprinted within the causal body, which is the seed energy where we create each gaming avatar from throughout the incarnation game.

The good news is, that this process is reversible! All alterations of our original Divine blueprint are only temporary. Why do you ask? Because they only ever existed within the game and not outside of it. The distortions that we have held, have only been held within the holographic simulation of the incarnation game.

We are not in the game, we are only witnessing the game and so our true original blueprint has never been tampered with because it was always outside of the game.

What this comes down to concretely is this:

Every trauma and unresolved pain that we heal within the wounded ego brings us one step closer to restoring our original Divine blueprint.

Merging the ego with the soul

This means that everything that we resolve in this lifetime (even from previous timelines) is extracted from the causal body field and is not part of our imprinting in possible future lifetimes. The healing we do in this lifetime, not only heals our past but our futures as well when we remove the imprints within our causal body, that created the alterations within our blueprint.

We cannot work within the causal body directly, but all the healing we do within the mental, emotional, physical, and vibrational bodies works through in the causal body. This is how healing our unresolved pain and trauma from the past leads to self-liberation on a soul level. It brings us into Mukti and later Moksha, the liberation from the cycle of death and rebirth aka Ascension.

Within the Akasha Healing™ method that I offer a practitioner certification in, we learn to access the karmic templates held within the causal body to find the original wounds that created the karmic patterns that have been repeated over lifetimes and lifetimes. Healing the original wound collapses all timelines in which this pattern was played out and removes it from the karmic template imprinted within the causal body.

This means that we cannot only heal the wounded ego, but we can heal the sense of separation between the ego and the soul.  It is when we can get the ego and the soul back on the same page, that we can merge the ego with the soul, restoring our original sense of wholeness in the way we have always experienced wholeness on a soul level. After all, it’s only the accumulated wounding that created the sense of separateness that the ego experienced.

As someone commented recently on one of my posts when we get the ego and the soul working together, we become the A-team (A group consisting of the best members of a larger group; an elite group).

Of course, when the ego gives up its misgiven tug of war with the soul that stemmed from its accumulated wounding throughout the incarnation game, we unlock the frequency of Heaven on Earth. We have literally become as above so below (soul and ego are One) and as within so without (the game reflects the reality outside of the game).

So, instead of seeing the ego as your ball and chain that you need to get rid of – see it as your ride or die chic/dude in this miraculous experience of life.

“Veiligheid, liefde, en jezelf mogen zijn, is de ultieme remedie tegen pijn.”